Eberlestock started their business making custom rifle stocks and then hunting packs specifically designed to carry long guns comfortably. Over the years, Eberlestock picked up a loyal following within the military and law enforcement sniper community and that market has evolved Eberlestock's products with more tactical options. The Eberlestock Gunslinger series and the newer Terminator Pack are popular items. Things seemed to be picking up steam until disaster struck.

Just before the 2010 SHOT Show, their main warehouse in Idaho was destroyed by fire.

We spoke to the owner, Glen Eberle, at SHOT as part of a scheduled new product meeting. Although the fire certainly weighed heavy with Glen, he assured us that this event would make his company stronger. We were impressed with his determination and had no doubt he meant every word. However, in the short term, we understood that supplies would be constrained.

Eberlestock will be back to full inventory by the middle of April. So bear with us as stock may be slim for the time being, but don't hesitate to make a purchase of an Eberlestock item as every sale will help them raise the capital they need to recover.

We also understand that while you may not be able to find what you need at U.S. Cavalry, we realize that keeping a valued partner in business is best for you and the industry. So please keep buying Eberlestock wherever and whenever you can.