Cold, refreshing adult beverages in a tactical hands-free hydration system!

Radcliff, KY (Apr. 1, 2010) – U.S. Cavalry, the world’s leading multi-channel distributor for Military, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security personnel, is proud to announce new tactical hands-free tactical beer hydration systems. Our troops at home and abroad have been using personal hydration units for years, but they’re really on good for water. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take that same basic idea and enjoy cold, refreshing adult beverages anywhere you wanted to? Well, now you can.

If you ever wished that you could partake in a cold, refreshing libation when you’ve been stuck somewhere you really didn’t want to be and think to yourself, “Man, I could really use a drink”? Well, your friends at U.S. Cavalry have come up with the solution – THE BEER-BACK! The Beer-Back is a totally self-contained personal refrigeration and alcohol-dispensing unit that allows you to have cold, crisp, refreshing beer anywhere you go. Just add your favorite pilsner, ale, lager or stout, turn on the unit, and you’re ready to go! Our special double-lined, four-ply, Mylar-infused bladder keeps your beer tasting brewery fresh all day long, and our patented micro-refrigeration unit located in the bottom of the pack will keep it ice house cold right down to the last drop.

The Beer-Back is perfect to take along anywhere that you could really use a drink without the social stigma attached to drinking in public.

The Beer Back comes in three convenient sizes: the 12-Back, the 24-back and for those times you want to forget your own name, the Keg-Back! See how this works in the product video:
Order now and will include the MOLLE Snack Vest. Perfect for carrying all the snacks you need for when you get the munchies after a long day of drinking. But we’re not done. We’ll also throw in the Chicken Wing Fanny Pack! Nothing goes better with beer than chicken wings and the Chicken Wing Fanny Pack holds all the chicken wings and dipping sauce you need to satisfy you craving for deep fried fowl appendages.

Don’t wait, call now and order your very own Beer-Back! You’ll get the Beer-Back, the MOLLE Snack Vest and the Chicken Wing Fanny Pack all for only $49.99. You heard me right, only $49.99. We can’t sell the Beer-Back at this price forever so call now and order!

Be sure to check out the complete specifications and availability dates at:

About U.S. Cavalry: U.S. Cavalry, headquartered in Radcliff, Kentucky, has served professionals for over 35 years by delivering the world’s finest equipment, services and training. The company serves its customers through managed accounts, retail stores, mail order catalogs and web site. We also like a good laugh and hope you do too. This product is definitely not real. Happy April first!

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