BLACKHAWK!'s Warrior Wear Grid Fleece Garments are perfect as a mid-weight base layer for cold weather missions but are also suited for cool morning workouts and even casual around-town wear.

Warrior Wear grid fleece items are engineered to have a snug, yet stretch fit that allows a natural, full range of motion based on the demands of military and law enforcement personnel. Additionally, the contoured, athletic appearance allows easy layering without restricting your mobility.

Grid fleece is different from typical fleece garments because instead of a solid pile, the fabric is segmented with channels that create squares for a grid like appearance. Besides giving the material a soft stretch, this construction method offers several other advantages.

First, it saves weight and removes bulk from the garment. Notice the outside of this garment does not have the familiar pile look, it has a smoother finish, that's because grid fleece garments can provide equal or better warmth with less material now that the fleece pile is only on the inside. Grid fleece means your garments are much lighter with an incredible warmth to weight ratio.

Grid fleece works like this. The channels created in the fabric allow air to be trapped. Because this air is closer to your body it is naturally warmed. The grid also allows perspiration and moist air to evaporate through the channels much easier than a solid fleece jacket would. Overheating is also prevented with strategically placed side panels without the grid to offer even more breathability. This type of heat exchange makes these garments extremely comfortable to wear all year long by themselves and as layers in the colder months.

The grid fleece garments work great as part of your layering system. Since the outside material is smooth and slick, you won't get resistance from the garment hanging or bunching on the layer you're trying to put on over this jacket. Plus the reduced weight and bulk means your more likely to layer properly and stay warm.

BLACKHAWK! understood that there are many preferences for mid layers so there are quite a few options to cater to these needs. You can choose between full zip garments like the jacket and vest or the 3/4 zip pullover and hoodie. The full zip garments are meant to work with outer jackets and can be zipped into the Warrior Wear Shell Jak.

As a stand alone piece the 3/4 zip garments have two way zippers for added ventilation. The only difference is that the pullover is only collared, while the hoodie has a permanently attached hood.

All garments zip to a mandarin collar and also feature a zippered chest pocket that's is ideal for keys, sunglasses or ID. There is a media port to pass headphones from an mp3 player or phone.

Rounding out the features of the grid fleece garments are high quality YKK zippers and thumb loops on the sleeves of the jackets. The thumb loops are a great practical feature when you are layering or want to add some additional warmth to your wrists.

The full zip grid fleece jacket has one unique feature. Above the thumb hole is a nylon loop which can be used to attach the sleeves to your ECWCS style parka.

All these Warrior Wear grid fleece items are available in black or coyote brown. Order yours at today. Watch the video here.