Magnum MultiCam Boots

Here at Shot Show 2011 in Vegas we spotted the new MultiCam Boots from Magnum. See all the photos here.

Both the Sidewinder and the Spider's MultiCam coloration feature the pattern over the entire boot, not just patches of fabric embedded in a traditional leather boot.

The ion-mask™ feature of these boots isn't to be confused with waterproofing in the traditional sense. Rather, the hydrophobic ion-mask™ is a feature that waterproofs the materials of the boot, but not necessarily the boot itself. This means that if you typically work in an environment that is bound to get water in your boot, the boot won't absorb any moisture and will quickly drain. Since the materials cannot absorb moisture a simple sock change and shake of the boot will get you back moving with dry feet. If you don't have time to change socks, the vents, especially in the Spider, will allow the bulk of the water to drain and your foot to breathe.

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