Check out the latest tactical training DVD's form Pantaeo Productions.  Top industry professionals like Travis Haley, Paul Howe and Massad Ayoob bringing their classes right to you when you have time to watch them. Quality training couldn't get much better. 

Paul Howe leads the dvd collection with 4 separate classes that cover carbine/rifle, pistol and a U.S. Cavalry exclusive "Intro to Exterior Movement" specifically geared toward our military and LE customers.

Travis Haley Also takes on separate tactical carbine and pistol classes, while Massad Ayoob and Bill Rogers focus on the use of a handgun for defensive and reactive purposes. These are the perfect supplement to live training for those civilians with a CCW permit.

Lastly Bill Jeans covers a Tactical Shotgun class where you will learn about shotgun choices and options, ammo selection, wall penetration, shotgun handling and more.

You can find all the Pantaeo Productions Tactical Trainging Classes at today. You may also want to check out the revised Magpul DVD Training as well, available on DVD and Blu-Ray.