We know shipping prices play a big part in your online shopping experience. That's why we are proud to announce that in an effort to provide you with better service and more reasonable shipping rates we have made the move to UPS as our primary carrier.

We felt Fed-Ex's home delivery wasn't delivering the best value to our customers and UPS stepped up in a big way. Now you can check out the comparative savings here.

For lightweight packages, the UPS Mail Innovations service provides the most significant savings. For example, a 10 ounce package to California now only costs you $4.27. That's down an incredible $8.02 from the old rate of $12.29! Nearly a 65% reduction passed directly on to you.

Here's another example… Say you're in Afganistan (an APO address) and you want a pair of our new Light Fighter Combat Boots and maybe a new knife. A 5 pound package shipped using UPS APO PlusNow costs $3.34 less at $16.28.

Using the same package as above shipped to Florida via UPS Ground is also going to be $3.24 less at $10.66.

Delivery times are also pretty quick too. UPS Mail Innovations, UPS Surepost and UPS Ground all have a max 5 day in-transit time for the U.S. UPS Ground is even as little as 1 day depending on your location.

Of course we offer UPS 2nd day air and Next Day Air if you need your gear even quicker.

So if you've been putting off an order due to high shipping cost head over to uscav.com today to take advantage of the new savings.