Pre-order the new Leupold HAMR today at and be one of the first to mount it come April.

For 2011 Leupold decided to take on the ACOG market with the rugged Mark 4 HAMR sighting system.  The main optic is a fixed 4x power with an illuminated circle dot reticle with an integrated bullet drop compensator.  This reticle is etched into the optic for a clear sharp image.

Designed for use with the AR-15, every aspect of the HAMR™ and DeltaPoint red dot sight combination was engineered for speed, precision and simplicity.

Leupold touts the sight as brighter and sharper than the competition, as well as being lighter.

The HAMR can be purchased by itself or with the Leupold DeltaPoint mounted.  This gives you an instant choice between your 4x optic or a 1x CQC optic.

Made in the USA and covered by Leupold's excellent Mark 4 warranty, you're guaranteed quality materials and construction.

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