One of the hot new items form Magpul for 2012 is a brand new line of shotgun accessories for your Remington 870.

The 870 is probably the most common shotgun in homes and police cruisers all over the country, so it only makes sense for Magpul's evolutionary thinking to touch this weapon. After the popular release of their Art of the Dynamic Shotgun, Magpul has re-thought the shotgun's efficiency and ergonomics with these new products...

SGA™ 870 Stock

MOE® 870 Forend

SGA™ Low and High Cheek Riser Kit, SGA™ Receiver Sling Mount, SGA™ OEM Butt-Pad Adapter

Availability is yet to be announced but will be posted here when we find out. Look for these Magpul Remington 870 Accessories to be available at soon.