PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme

Tucked in between two booths was a great find. PowerTraveller, maker of cutting edge, yet simple solar panels and battery storage has several options for our military customers. The PowerMonkey Extreme charges: iPad/Tablet, iPhone/Smartphone, iPods/MP3/MP4, e-readers, PDAs, PSP/Hand-held games consoles, Satellite Navigation Systems and digital cameras. It also includes a number of accessories like cables and connections to charge a variety of devices. All of this is neatly organized into a padded MultiCam MOLLE pouch.

The rugged, clam-shell design solar panel offers 3 Watt max output, allowing full recharge of the powermonkey extreme within 15 hours in optimum light conditions. The powermonkey extreme also has a solar energy detection feature which activates the incorporated state-of-the-art MPPT (maximum power point tracker) technology, allowing the solar panel to charge the powermonkey unit more efficiently in low light conditions. Users can also simultaneously use the solar panel to charge the powermonkey extreme whilst it is charging their device.

The solar panel can be attached to tents or rucksacks via the included Velcro strap, so is perfect for hiking and is designed to take the knocks and spills of both the power hungry adventurer and the busy traveller.

Smaller and a larger systems are available in a variety of colors.